Front Bumper/Weight Rack


Used for holding standard tractor weights, or as a platform for additional accessories.

Tool Box


Hydraulic Accessory


This includes an auxiliary pump, 14 gallon hydraulic tank and quick release hoses. This will provide power to hydraulically driven implements, including our future belly finish mower.100lbs, H 30in, W 22in, L 50in

Extra Stabilizer Bar


Used for holding standard tractor weights, or as a platform for additional accessories.

Sway Control Chains


Ensure rear implement sway is limited with or without the use of a stabilizer bar.



The Oggún Tractor with PTO is compatible with most 4-5 foot bush hogs and mowers, as well as 4 foot tillers. Please contact us with any questions on compatibility. The PTO option includes:

1 - 540 rpm motor and shaft
1 - Load adapter
2 - Hydraulic hoses to attach to aux. connection
1 - Auxiliary gear pump
1 - 14 gallon hydraulic fuel tank (instead of the 5 gal tank)

VIEW: Tech_Data_PTO_motor.pdf

Middle Buster


The middle buster is designed for breaking hardpan earth and plowing up root. It’s perfect for potatoes.  
68lbs, H 14.75in, L 50in

Middle Buster (Sweep only) $15

(click image for full size and additional photos)

Rear Cultivator


Break up hard soil from compaction by rear tire. Typically used with another belly implement (cultivator, hiller-bedder).  

68lbs, H 30in, L 53in

Toolbar ONLY: $100.00

ROPS & Seat Belt


Our Oggun Tractor meets all of the OSHA, ASABE, and SAE safety regulations as defined for a tractor under 20HP. As an option, the Oggun Tractor can be ordered with ROPS and a seat belt for those customers who prefer this additional safety requirement.

Grading Blade

starting at $340.00

Designed for moving topsoil; grading, leveling, removing snow and gravel.

4 ft. Grading Blade - $385
5 ft. Grading Blade - $405

Grading Blade Category 1 implemement for the Oggún Tractor.



The Transplanter (Plant Setter) pulls behind tractor and opens a furrow for plants to be dropped into furrow by rider, and closed again.

125lbs / H 24in / W 40in / L 43.25in

Single Row Seed Planter


Single Row Seed Planter Category 1 implemement for the Oggún Tractor.

Front Cultivator


Designed for breaking up soil and tearing out weeds. The harrows are easily adjustable.  

100lbs, H 30in, W 22in, L 50in

Toolbar ONLY: $180.00
6 Tines ONLY: $84.00

(click image for full size and additional photos)

Turning Plow


The purpose of a turning plow, or moldboard plow, is to bring fallow land back into production. It acts as primary tillage for land that has not been cultivated by burying plant residue and loosening soil.

121 lbs, H 25.5 in, L 32 in

Turning Plow (Moldboard Plow) Category 1 implemement for the Oggún Tractor.

Chisel Plow


Chisel plow designed to break up hard soil.  

95lbs, H 24in, L 50in

Toolbar ONLY: $215.00
5 Chisels ONLY: $46.00

Chisel Plow Category 1 implemement for the Oggún Tractor.



Designed to create raised garden beds or cover crops such as potatoes. This uses the same draw bar as the front cultivator. The disc attachments are interchangeable and adjustable.

75lbs, H 30in, W 53in
2 Discs & Hardware ONLY: $80.00

Our friends in Auburn, Alabama are developing no-till technology for small scale applications. They have expressed a willingness to adapt their implements to the Oggún Tractor.  We would like to bridge the connection for our customers and partners that are in need of this technology. Please contact the USDA-ARS National Soils Dynamics Lab for more information.

Contact Information:
Henry Allen Torbert, Supervisory Soil Scientist
National Soils Dynamics Lab

411 South Donahue Drive
Auburn, AL 36832
(334) 844-3979

3400 County Road 10 | Paint Rock, AL

Ordering Information:
(256) 244-5939


Design/Technical Information:
(256) 655-8792


  • Belly Finish Mower (hydraulic motor driven) - coming in April 2017
  • Front loader Bucket

Future Implements

Compatible Implements from
other vendors

Our Implements

Oggún is compatible with many different plastic spreaders on the market, as seen in the photo.

Our vendor recommendation is Berry Hill Irrigation. Click HERE to view their products."


(click image for full size and additional photos)

(click image for full size and additional photos)

This Cole Planet Jr. seeder drills seeds in a single row. Three seed plates with 13 holes each come with every drill. This gives you a total of 39 seed flow adjustments ranging in diameter from 3/32" to 3/4". Holes are numbered for easy selection. No calibration is necessary between drills. Seed plates change easily without fitted tools.