Turning Plow


The purpose of a turning plow, or moldboard plow, is to bring fallow land back into production. It acts as primary tillage for land that has not been cultivated by burying plant residue and loosening soil.

121 lbs, H 25.5 in, L 32 in

Turning Plow (Moldboard Plow) Category 1 implemement for the Oggún Tractor.

Out of Stock until mid-July

Designed to create raised garden beds or cover crops such as potatoes. The disc attachments are interchangeable and adjustable. 75lbs, H 30in, W 53in

For belly $180.00; For rear $260.00
Two Discs & Hardware ONLY: $80.00


$180.00 - $260.00

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Front Bumper/Weight Rack


Used for holding standard tractor weights, or as a platform for additional accessories.



LED Lights (front and rear)


Extra Stabilizer Bar


This turnbuckle-style stabilizer bar provides precise stabilization of implements. Adjust to the necessary length to match each implement. Use for belly or rear implements.


Tool Box

Carry all your tools with you, so you can fix in the field.

Multi Row Seed Planter

Tool bar and 72" plate: $193.00

Seeders: $694.00 each

This 72" plate bolts on the regular seeder tool bar and allows you to bolt on multiple seeders, up to 5. The continuous bolt holes on the plate allow you choose your precise spacing.

Compatible Implements from other vendors

Disc-Plow by TurfPride

Andalusia, Alabama


Click here to check it out on their website


The Transplanter (Plant Setter) pulls behind tractor and opens a furrow for plants to be dropped into furrow by rider, and closed again.

125lbs / H 24in / W 40in / L 43.25in


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72" Axle Extension