Donna Moe, The Farm of Minnesota  

Kayla Clark, Center for Environmental Farming Systems

Oggún Testimonial by Michael Sigrist  

Adam Brown, University of Missouri Engineering

Sue Long, Iowa farmer

Fred Martz, University of Missouri

Rich Shield, Farm Mechanic

Casey, Featherstone Farm

Eliot Coleman

"The Oggún Tractor is what every small farmer needs. I call it 'The People's Tractor."

Javier Matos
Peru Distributor


"There's going to be a lot of uses coming out of this tractor that we don't even realize."

Kirk Iversen

Board of Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network

“Passion and conviction is what attracts Honda to Cleber. Their Oggun Tractor is technology in it’s most rudimentary form to serve small farmers who serve local communities. Cleber is a company that society wants to exist.”

Scott Conner

Honda, Senior Vice President

"We're proud that our engines will be available in the game-changing tractors that will be manufactured right here in America."

Bill Bussler

Kohler, Public Relations Manager

“Cleber sees family farmers as our unsung heroes. Cleber’s business model is focused on seeing farmers remain sustainable and keep their family farms in production.”

Kathryn Strickland

Director of Community Food Bank of Central AL


Oggún Tractor helps the Poiroux family farm — Theodore, Alabama

Pictured: (from left) Charles Hilburn, Duane Poiroux, Eugene Poiroux, Terry Poiroux, Andrew Poiroux, Michael Poiroux


Manna Ministries is a food share program in three Alabama counties that feeds over 500 families each month. In 2017, they will begin growing food from a new community farm using their new Oggún Tractor.

Feeding Alabama Families — Alabaster, Alabama


3400 County Road 10 | Paint Rock, AL

Ordering Information:
(256) 244-5939


Design/Technical Information:
(256) 655-8792

Locky Catron Partner
CleBer LLC

Kathryn Strickland Director
Community Food Bank of Central Alabama

Kirk Iversen President
Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network

Dr. Ernie Cebert Alabama A&M Research Associate Professor, Plant Breeding & Genetics

Les Mosteller East Regional Manager
Danfoss Power Solutions

Oggún Grand Opening Ceremony Speakers

Dr. David Campbell President
Northeast Alabama Community College

Senator Steve Livingston
R - Scottsboro

Scott Conner Senior Vice President